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Mission Statement

At D&J Empowerment Group, our goal is to Empower others by Inspiring, Encouraging, and Implementing the tools needed to better themselves and the people around them.  We will strive to make a difference in people's lives and do everything we can to live up to the standards that we have set.  We will be involved in every community we can, while being the pathway for others to give back also.  We truly believe, that if we keep Striving to make a difference, the Hope to keep helping and finding ways to help will continue. 

Big thank you to Tauren Wells for the love and support! Thank you for believing in our movement to Impact the World! It has been a true blessing meeting you and getting to know you.

Thank you to the KLTY team for inviting us to the station this morning! Unbelievable team and experience.


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on some serious issues in our local community, about our youth, the community and how D&J Empowerment Group could help with these issues

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